If I could part the clouds to Heaven,
I'd humbly walk right through
I'd kneel before God reverently and ask
"May I please speak to you?"
"I have a friend who's hurting and
I don't know what to do,
I've come to ask for your advice,
and a favor for you, too."
"I need to borrow Hayes from you
it shouldn't take too long,
I need him to come and tell his Mom
to hold on and be strong."
"I know that Heaven's brighter
since Hayes walked through your door,
and though your taking care of him,
his Momma needs him more."
Then God would say, "My child I know
it's hard to understand,
let's walk awhile while I explain
He'd take me by the hand.
He'd say "Go tell his Momma
to keep her mind on things above
and someday soon she'll see again
her son she dearly loves."
"Tell her I know her mind is tired
her heart is broken, too,
for if you've not forgotten,
I know just what she's going through."
"I had to watch my only son
be tortured on the cross,
and then to know his mother suffered too
her greatest loss."
"You tell her to remember
to talk to me each day,
for as much as you would like to help,
I am the only way."
"You tell her Hayes is happy, for
there is no sadness here,
and someday soon I'll give her peace
and dry up every tear.
"For now she'll have to make it
on memories alone,
but one day soon she'll be with him
my love will bring her home."
I'd thank God for his message,
that I could bring back down,
and then I'd wave goodbye to Hayes
and touch his shining crown.
He'd tell you not to suffer
that you'd never understand
but when you're in your hardest times
reach out and take his hand.

By, Shelli Sewell

Poem wirtten for Hayes
Please do not take this.

On March 1, 2004 I received an email from Tommy Barron. I don't know how he
came across Hayes' site, but he said it touched his heart. As he read through
Hayes' site he seen that Hayes wanted to become a FBI Agent. Tommy is a
Captain with the Sumter County Sheriff's Department in Sumter, SC.
He sent us theletter and plaque below for Hayes' 19th birthday.
Thank you so Tommy. This means so much to us. I know God sent
you to Hayes' site! Here's the contents of the letter below:

Scott and Beth:
This is such an honor for me. I can't explain how touched I have been getting
to know your son. I can see why it hurts and why you are so proud he is your son.
I hope my 6 year old son can grow into a Hayes Kent.

I believe that God let me to the website because it has made me realize how
precious life is. I pray that God will continue to bless the family in a special way.
If your ever in South Carolina, please let me know. If there's anything that I can
do, again let me know.

Tommy Barron

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