Philip E. LaBarbera

October 11th, 1981 - October 24th, 1999


Once in a while, I sneak out at night
go to the field
stretch my arms up
and touch the sky

It's all so far away
the stars, the moon, the darkness and the silence
and the earth holds onto me so tightly
Still I reach up
higher and higher and higher

I don't move an inch
but I reach the stars and beyond
through the blackness
I become as one with this night
I'm beyond good and bad
pain or happiness
imprisoned or free

by Phil

Philip, 1 year old

Philip - The Karate Kid -Age 7

Dear Philip,
We love you and miss you.  We are grateful that God lent us
you for 18 years.  We are heartbroken but know you are in
safe hands where you will feel no pain, rejection or sorrow. 
What keeps us going is the faith we have that we will see you
again in Heaven one day.  Until then, we will continue to take
one step at a time as the grief from losing you continues.

Mom & Dad

A Little Bit About Our Son

Philip was very good with computers, so much so, that he
was the recipient of an award from the
Westchester Business Institute, for Outstanding
Computer Achievement.

He loved to grow things.  Plants just flourished under his gentle
care. His favorite plant was the Bonsai Tree and cactus plants.

Philip loved to play chess and was very good at it.

He also liked writing poetry and short stories and hoped to be
a journalist one day.

Philip had a great personality and loved to make people laugh.
He was kind, gentle and loving.

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