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A little about My Daughter Trissie

Trissie was born in Johnson City TN, the daughter of Carolyn Broyles Bethea. She was the second child of four children. She has 1 older sister Wendy and 2 younger sisters Christy and Angie. She graduated from Science Hill High School. She then moved to Smyrna, TN where she met her husband Leslie Fetter who was from Canada. Trissie and Leslie chose to settle in Canada and moved to Leroy where their first son Codie was born in August. A few years later in February 1997 their second son Corbin was born. She always would wake her boys up by singing to them"You are my sunshine". Trissie and Leslie was nicely getting settled when Trissie became very ill in November 1997 with a brain aneurysm. Trissie amzed us all with her will to live and desire to return home to Leslie and her boys. Trissie determination eventually lead to her recovery and her return home to the farm. Although her recovery may not have met all of her hopes, she and Leslie managed her situation with courage and grace, and got on with living.

Trissie had a lot of good qualities especially her good heart. She raised the bar when it came to remembering birthdays and anniversaries, she never seemed to forget to call or send a card to let you know she was thinking about you. Trissie and Leslies' sponsorship of a child through World Vision speaks volumes about her character and her care for those less fortunate.

Trissie loved candles, you could walk into her house to an aroma matching that of a candle shop. She also loved Unicorns she would say "Unicorns could make your Dreams come true. Some people like soap operas, Trissie liked to watch WWF and cheer for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Trissie loved folk art painting, and worked hard to train her left arm to paint to a level where she was proud to give her work away as a gift. Trissie loved Tim McGraw, whenever we mentioned his name she'd start giggling and laughing and say "I just love him".

Trissie's life was full of happy times but also a few more challenges than one might think fair. We truley believe that Trissie handled these difficulties the best that she could, because she was not alone. She had her family and friends and she had God watching over her and I beleive she is at peace with God today.

Trissie, Mom and her 3 sisters, Wendy, Christy and Angie.

Memorial of Trissie
for Mama, Wendy, Christy and Angie

I've come to the end of my road The sun has set for me. Why cry for a soul thats free, miss me a little but not too long and not with your head bowed low. Remember the times that we once shared for God took me as an Angel to help poor out the rain. Miss me, but let me go. For this is a journey that I must take and each must go alone It's all a part of the Master plan a step on the road to home. When you are lonely and sick of heart go to the friends we know laugh at the things we use to do for I stand in you, Miss me, but let me go.

Love your Canadian Friends

Gone from our sight
but never from our memories.
Gone from our touch
But never our hearts.

Love: Les, Codie & Corbin

Trissie & Les

Trissie & Codie& Corbin her boys
She did it all in her short life, She was a Mother and loving wife. A better friend, no one could find, Remember Dear, you're on my mind. A year has passed, it seems like more. Since I saw your smile and hugs at the door. I miss your love, your helpful ways, pleasant memories now fill these days. You made the world a better place, oh, to hear your voice or see your face. So much to tell you, as life goes on, with happy years of things we've done. In death, as in life, you gave of yourself. Always thinking of someone else. Till we meet again, in Heaven above, "Fly and walk-on-girl" with all my love.
Friend Forever, Lorraine

Nieces and Nephews



I said, "God, I hurt."
and God said, I know."

I said, "God , I cry a lot."
and God said, "That is why I gave you tears."

I said, "God, I am so depressed."
and God said, :That is why I gave you Sunshine."

I said, "God, life is so hard."
and God said, "That is why I gave you loved ones."

I said, "God my loved one died."
and God said, "So did mine."

I said, "God, it is such a loss."
and God said, I saw mine nailed to a cross."

I said, "God, but your loved one lives."
and God said, "So does yours."

I said, "God, where are they now?"
And God said, "Mine is on My right and yours is in the Light."

I said, "God, it hurts."
And God said, I know."

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