Kristin Highfill Comment Page
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Name: Jan and Hal Larkin

Childs name: Kristen Highfill

Comments: Such a beautiful life to have been cut so short.

Name: Shelley

Childs name: Kristin Highfill

comments: It is not length of life, but depth of life. Ralph Waldo Emerson
What a wonderful woman, from a wonderful family.

Name: Kathy Bridges

Childs Name: Kristin Leigh Highfill

Comments: This is a beautiful tibute to Krisis. She was a beautiful person and is missed very much everyday by each person who was lucky enough to have known her.

Name: Tina Highfill Smith

Childs name: Kristin Leigh Highfill

Comments: I hadn't seen Kristi since we were at Mema's and Papa's house. I am sorry I never got the chance to know the wonderful woman she became. I still see a tiny little girl with a huge smile just like her momma's.
your cousin, Tina

Name: Andrea

Childs Name: Kristin Highfill

Comments: Even thought it,s been almost a year since Miss Highfill died I still miss her like crazy and pray everyday that i can see my favorite teacher who was always there for me again..

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