Quentin's Comments

Name: John Ventra

Childs Name: Quentin Stacy

Comments: The page touched my heart.God bless ya ,

Name: Dyan Turner

Childs Name: Former Twins Club friends

Comments: God Bless you Quentin! You are surely Gods busiest angel!

Name: Tina Cuevas

Childs Name: Quentin Stacy

Comments: Just know you put a bleesing in my path your Mom Barbara and your family. See we had lost a son he was murdered, and when we attended the Compasionate freinds meeting your Mom and I realized even though so many miles from home and those close to us ,we had known each other from High School this was our blessing for the day. We made a trip to your home with our grandsons and as we left I knew you Quentin and my son Chance had been there with us all day so these little ones could have a great day at your farm. Even Flat Stanley enjoyed his trip. Thank you Barb and please know you are our blessing for the day. Love Tina and family thank you for a wonderful memory.

Name: Mama

Childs Name: Quentin Mitchell Stacy

Comments: Hey Mitchy,
We had to get a new cabinet for all your things. I keep finding bits and pieces of you and pics of you and the rest of the kids as I SLOWLY get things unpacked. I know it's been 2 years, but... I can only do a tiny bit at a time.
Sometimes I can talk about you and what happened with a regular voice. Other times I just look at one of the many pictures of you we have around the house and I just can't stop the tears. I guess that's selfish on my part because I KNOW you are in a fabulous place. It just makes my heart ache watching Jake and the others as I wonder what you would be like as you grow. I can imagine quite closely I think, but the hugs... I miss the hugs, the kisses, your voice, the feel of your soft skin, your smell... well not all your smells... you know what I mean though.
Please give Pop and everybody a hug for me and keep up the good work my little angel baby. I love you so very much. Look for our candles on the East coast and Krysta's in Hawaii on the 1oth.

Name: Suzanne Clark

Childs Name: Quentin Stacy

Comments: We love you guys and I feel like I know Quentin. I can only imagine how hard it is at times. I always keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Suzanne