My Dearest Cory:

Today I looked in your baby book. I turned to the page with your birth announcement. It read , Phyllis and Rob have added a miracle to their lives. For nineteen and one half years we have loved and nurtured you unconditionally. We truly worshiped the ground you walked on and the air you breathed. One day you decided that your life with us was finished and you would go to the lifetime you felt you belonged. For the first time you did not ask our permission, and you left.

When you were born our plan was to live happily ever after. I have just lived my first year without you. I now know happily ever after was only in the fairy tales I read to you as you grew up. We know nobody can live forever. I knew this but in my plan it was I that would leave you. I would be old and my years would have been filled with your many years of growth. I would have left this world fulfilled.

I have cried everyday since you left me. I have a pain inside of me that seems to worsen each day. I feel part of my heart and soul missing. It was the part of me that belonged to you, so I am glad you took it with you. You hold onto me, for one day I will meet you to take it back and put it where it belongs. You will surely have to wait. For as much as I miss you I know you are safe, I know you have found the lifetime you knew you belonged in and therefore I know you are living in peace. I still have a plan. Lucas and Dad have some growing up to do and my plan is to grow with them.

I still see myself as that old lady who lives a full life and watches her son, Lucas grow. I will find happiness, and I will learn to love again and I promise that when I am ready you will be the first one I search for. So look for me, and until then continue watching over us, you promised, remember.

I will love you forever my Cory-bory-allis
Hugs and Kisses
Love Mom


And the angels rode down on wild horses
and they scooped his soul up before his body hit the ground
They took him up to heaven and said
"God we want this one. Can we have him?
And God said yes "of course, he is yours"

I love you Dad

My son
My Soul
My Angel
I miss you
I love you


Cory's 1st Birthday-Mmm...The Snyder tradition. You were presented your own peanut butter frosted angel cake.

Cory loved catching snowflakes with his tongue, building snowmen and making snow angels

Dad you had me dad Santa's helper.

Cory's 1st year in Cub Scouts. Dad was den leader

Cory received a spelling bee award when he graduated from St. James Elementary School

Dad called him "Cleeter" , he was our favorite clarinet player.

Cory's turn to bake a cake

Cory followed in Dad's footsteps, because we will always believe.

We traveled to NYC with the Socastee HS band. Cory played in Carnegie Hall. We visited Ellis Island and traced our ancestors.

We could not leave NYC without seeing the #1 lady.

This is our Goofy returning from his Senior trip to Disney.

At the senior awards Cory received the "Most improved Senior Musician Award".

This day came to fast, our high school graduate. How honored we are to be his family, 2004 high school graduation fro Socastee.

Cory becomes a Francis Marion University student.

Cory and Lucas, forever brothers
Circle of life

My Dearest Cory:

It has been one year since you choose death over life. I have started to breathe again. When you died part of me went with you. It was the part of my heart that was yours for the taking. My biggest fear in life was if something happened to my boys. I always said I would want to die too.
I did, but then I realized I would be making the same mistake you did. I would be leaving those who I loved and loved me. I had to start breathing again. I know that if you were able to see through your pain and realize what your death would do to us you would have never left. Somehow we will learn to live a full life. We have walked through the opened door. It was not easy because we had to accept you would not be coming back. Our lives will never be the same. You promised to watch over us. We will hold you to those words for we feel your presence everywhere. We will always have two boys, we will always love you both.

I miss you,
Love, X & O's