In Memory
of Our Beloved

Darrell Steele Jr.
08/19/63 - 06/17/2000
Struck by a train

My life, my son, you've gone away,
to a place I cannot be.
You left my side, and went to hide,
so your face I cannot see.
I search all day,
and pray all night,
that a message soon will appear.
To tell my heart
you're far apart from a life of pain and fear.
You left so fast from the looking glass,
that your shadow still I see.
But the smile on your face,
so full of grace,
still I cannot see.
I cry my son,
so full of fun,
come back and laugh with me.
But somehow I know,
with a feeling of woe,
my plea is not to be.
But I'll see you some day in the great white way,
and I'll say how far you've come.
To see your face,
so full of grace,
as you smile and welcome me.
Then we'll walk, side-by-side,
with a feeling of pride. . .. . . in a place we both will be.

Linda Steele,
July 2000

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