My son was pronounced dead
just 3 days after his first death
October 22, 2003.

A day I'll forever regret when I said
good - bye that night, when we hugged
so tight, when he kissed my cheek and
squeezed me with all his strenght.

Had I known it was our last day,
had i Known it would be for keeps
I would have never left him
I never would have gone away.
I would have held him forever and
a day.


Wesley's hobbies & interests where football, golf, baseball, soccer, water sports,
snow skiing, music, travel, hanging out with his friends & making new ones.
Everything he tried and did, he made sure he gave 100% to it - he died young but he lived a full lifetime.
Sounds strange I know but he did so much and he was mature it seems from the moment he was born.

Wesley is sorely missed, we'll never forget him and how fortunate all of us were to have had him in our lives. His love we will cherish always and look forward to being with him again.

I know we all my heart that no matter
the anguish of losing you that
you now have all your
questions answered.

That you will rest knowing how
much you were
wanted, loved & needed...
Know that I'm waiting to see you again
and that although your presence is
missed you are forever in my
heart and soul til we
are together.

May God Bless you and keep you...