Companion Through the Darkness : Inner Dialogues on Grief
by Stephanie Ericsson

As a result of her own experience with many kind of loss, Stephanie Ericsson offers an intimate, profoundly touching guide for those in grief, legitimizing the complex and often taboo emotions we all feel when loss transforms our lives. In Companion Through the Darkness, Stephanie Ericsson defines grief as "the constant reawakening that things are now different." Using a very simple format--which combines excerpts from her own diary writings with brief essays--she vividly speaks the language of loss and captures the contradictory, wrenching, and chaotic emotions of grief. 

Why Are the Casseroles Always Tuna : A Loving Look at the Lighter Side of Grief
by Darcie D. Sims
Help Your Marriage Survive the Death of a Child
by Paul C. Rosenblatt 

Many parents who have experienced the death of a child struggle with painful and at times overwhelming marital problems. Grieving can create great marital distance, and it can magnify those problems that existed before the child's death. Grieving parents often fear that divorce is a real possibility. This book can help. 

Article: Grief and Intimacy

A Mountain Too Far : A Father's Search for Meaning in the Climbing Death of His Son
by Karl H. Purnell

“A MOUNTAIN TOO FAR, A Father’s Search for Meaning in the Climbing Death of His Son” is by Karl H. Purnell and is his story of his
attempt to understand why his son, who died in a fall, loved climbing so much. One of his comments is, “There are so many people lost when
a son dies.” He finally decides that, “If you really loved the person who is now gone, don’t confuse yourself by trying to find out why it happened or who should be blamed.” He came to feel that his son is not lost and that death is only another state in the endless cycle of life and says, “When you learn that, you will understand the meaning of what happened.” 

Sacred Wound : Healing from the Death of a Child
by Lois Gold

“THE SACRED WOUND, Healing From the Death of a Child” is by Lois Gold. Her daughter died in an airplane crash at 16 years of age.
Lois is a therapist and searched through many cultures for meaning
to the death. None of her therapy study or work had prepared her for
her reactions or the grief she felt. She tells us that the book was a means of healing for her. 

Today I Smile
by Diane Wattles

"Mrs. Wattles, there is never an easy way to say this. There's been an accident. Your daughter was killed." The author's story is one of grief and the struggle to resume life after the loss of a child.

Mandy, a recent high school graduate, had spent the last 30 days trying to regain her life. She had just completed a recovery program for addiction when the two-car accident took her life. How does a parent accept death of a child who has just shown renewed excitement and hope in life?

A Mother's Grief Observed :
A Personal Account of How God Brought Hope and Healing Following the Devasting Loss of a Son 
by Rebecca Faber 

Rebecca Faber learned about grief when her toddler son drowned in the family pool. She offers you her experience in the hope that it can help you is your journey toward a God whose love is indeed stronger than death.

The Bereaved Parent 
by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff, Sarnoff Schiff 

A reader from Panama , October 26, 1998 sanity-saving!!

When our son died in 1978, this book was the first thing I read that was an honest portrayal of what it really feels like. I began to understand that the Hell we were living in was the Hell of any parents who were trying (with every ounce of strength) to survive the death of a child. There is nothing that will erase the pain but this book made me understand the necessity of grieving --in my own time and in my own way! It made me realize that my grief (as a mother) was no more or less than my husband's (as a father); but it was VERY different. This book was responsible for helping me realize that perhaps we could keep our marriage and family together and move forward and have happiness. The pain is still part of my life but so is joy. I'm grateful for this book and have shared it (over the years) with others.

How to Survive the Loss of a Child : 
Filling the Emptiness and Rebuilding Your Life
by Catherine M. Sanders

Parents who suffer the death of a child must endure excruciating grief, and they often need help to reach the final stage of healing and renewal. Writing from personal experience and with professional expertise, Dr. Catherine M. Sanders provides a healing guide for one of life's most devastating experiences. Dr. Sanders explains the grieving process with compassion and insight. She also advises other family members and friends in how to assist the grieving parents and to cope with their own sense of loss. 

I have read every book I could find after losing my 24 yr old son this past Easter in an auto accident. Of the many, many I have read two stand out. "How to Survive the Loss of a Child" by Dr. Catherine Sanders is written by a mother who lost her 19 year old son and who is also a well respected psycologist having won awards for her previous book on grief. She truly understands.

I Have No Intention of Saying Good-Bye: 
Parents Share Their Stories of Hope and Healing After a Child's Death
by Sandy Fox 

Book Description
Five or more years after the death of their children, 25 families open their hearts and share stories of courage, hope and their attempts to make sense out of the most unbearable loss of all. What did they do to move on with their lives, to make each day meaningful again, to remember their child? In addition to helping themselves, learn how these parents help others and what advice they give to those still having difficulty living in a world without their child. 

Letters To My Son 
a journey through grief
by Mitch Carmody

"Letters to My Son a journey through grief." This is a very powerfully written book about death, grief, loss and recovery, hope and a stalwart belief in miracles. Authored by a grieving father whose 9-year-old son died following a two-year battle with a recurring malignant brain tumor. During the months that followed his son's death, the author wrote letters and poems to him posthumously as a catharsis for his grief. A compelling story of love, loss and recovery that will grab your heart, nourish your soul and open your eyes. A must read for anyone who has experienced a great loss and is trying to find some path out of the darkness of their despair. Beautiful poems and illustrations by the author are woven throughout the text. This is not just a grief book for parents who have lost a child; it is for anyone who has experienced a loss. Not only can it be helpful those experiencing grief it is a  moving experience for anybody who opens the pages. "I have learned that there is life after death on both sides of the  equation, when faith is the common denominator. We can substantiate our lost loved one's life by the way we live ours." Mitch Carmody 

Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love
by Sandy Goodman (Hardcover - March 2002) 

Having someone you love die, whether expected or unexpected, is perhaps the most trying, and painful situation we face in life. In her book Love Never Dies, Sandy Goodman walks right past all the analytical, psychological lingo to, as John Edward, renowned psychic medium put it – “light a path of understanding through the darkness of loss.” Sandy Goodman has turned her personal journey following  the tragic death of her 18-year-old son into a valuable guide destined to help all...

Permanent Heartache: Portraits of Grief, Hope, Survival and Life After Homicide by Marcella Hammett 

Permanent Heartache contains twenty-two testimonials from survivors themselves. In their own words they memorialize their loved ones and describe an unenviable transformation. You will learn the totality of a loss through violence is far greater than the deaths of the victims. With time periods ranging from one to eighteen years after the loss, survivors take you through the stages of shock, rage, hope, healing, and in some cases even forgiveness.

When There Are No Words : Finding Your Way to Cope With Loss and Grief
By Charlie Walton 

This book describes that terrible moment when you desperately want to say something to console a friend or loved one and no words seem appropriate. This book is a conversation between a sensitive, articulate victim of sudden, tragic loss, and any person struggling to endure the numbing first hours and weeks of a life catastrophe. The book is helpful in families, friends, counselors, and supporters of the persons retrieving their life and purpose. When There Are No Words helps you find the path through grief and understand that loss is part of life.

My Dream of Heaven: A Nineteenth Century Spiritual Classic : Originally Known As Intra Muros -- by Rebecca Rebecca Springer, Vicki Jamison-Peterson; Hardcover

A friend loaned me this booklet while my daughter was dying. It was one of the most comforting and hope-giving books I've read. After my daughter's death, another friend who hadn't read Springer's book told me about a dream she'd had of heaven. It was very much like this book. Whether you're somewhat skeptical about dreams and visions, as I am, or a believer in this sort of thing, I think you will find this book comforting and uplifting. I've read several books about heaven and this is one of the best.

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My Grieving Soul - by: Wayne Eggleston
Previous Myrtle Beach, SC web master for Compassionate Friends

In My Grieving Soul, a father tells the shocking but true story of his son’s brutal murder, and the judicial outcome of two of his son’s assailants. But, his writing doesn’t stop there - Wayne Eggleston goes on in graphic, yet eloquent detail, sharing the grief that he and his wife, Angie, are experiencing – even to this day. This book is not just about the murder of an innocent sixteen-year-old boy, and it is much more than just a loving tribute to an only child – it’s an accounting of the grinding pain and of the burning tears. It is an outreach to all parents who have lost a child, and to those same parent’s coworkers, friends and family members who don’t and can’t understand for lack of their own experience. There is a hope lying just beneath the surface of the words within, a prayer that it will help just one person. This book is a torchlight, shining into the deepest and darkest recesses of personal grief and loss, peering deep into the very center of the grieving soul - exposing it ‘all’ to whoever will take the time to read it. Lastly, this is a testament of unshakable faith in God and of thankfulness to dear friends and caring strangers.

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