Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One

by Ann Smolin, John Guinan 

This book provides similar stories from other survivors of suicide, which enables the new reader to identify with the same feelings and emotions. Losing a loved one to suicide is the most gut-wrenching pain any one could ever experience, and this book addresses those feelings, emotions, and struggles that the survivors are left to face after the loss of a loved one.

No One Saw My Pain : Why Teens Kill Themselves

by Andrew E., Md Slaby, Lili Frank Garfinkel 

More than 5,000 teens commit suicide each year. Andrew Slaby, a psychiatrist specializing in depression and crisis intervention, and Lili Garfinkle, a parent educator, shed light on this perplexing phenomenon, analyzing the signs missed, the despair overlooked, the shock, the horror, and the fear. 

No Time to Say Goodbye : Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One

by Carla Fine 

Drawing on her own experience and on conversations with many other survivors--as well as on the knowledge of counselors and mental health professionals--Carla Fine offers a strong helping hand and invaluable guidance to the thousands of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and lovers who are left behind each year, struggling to make sense of an act that seems to them senseless, and to pick up the pieces of their own shattered lives. And, perhaps most important, she allows them to see that they are not alone in their feelings of grief and despair.

Silent Grief : Living in the Wake of Suicide

by Christopher Lukas, Henry M. Seiden

"This self-help guide will enlighten and comfort those left with the legacy of suicide." The Washington Post: "The authors accomplish their purpose with an eloquence borne of intimacy with this particular heartbreak. Having this book on a bedside table, I believe, could get a survivor through a long night. And in the morning, there's a list of resources... where someone could find validation and comfort." 

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