Teresa "Trissie" Dawn Broyles Fetter
September 30, 1965 - September 24, 2003


Poem in card above written by their Mother Carolyn Bethea

Excerps written by Trissie's sister
Angie Broyles
for the Memorial Service
held in Johnson City, TN, Oct. 18th, 2003.

I wanted to really say something really special today.  I spent days trying
to find the right words, but there was nothing I could find strong and
powerful enough to grace Trissie's beauty.  Whatever age it was you knew
her, we all know the same Trissie.  She never really changed much.  She was
always sweet, little, quiet, shy, you need a hug, never liked to hurt no ones
feelings, give you her last five dollars so that you could eat-that is
Trissie As you know, Trissie's favorite thing to do when we all got together
is talk about the "Remember When's."  We talked about them a lot in the
recent years with lots of laughter.  In 1997 Trissie suffered a brain aneurysm
and stroke.  She lost a lot of her memory but the "Remember When's"
brought it all back. Trissie's motto in life is "You can't save the world, but
you can at least save one person.  So you do what you can and you just help
each other."  I told her once "Sissy, you are such a good person, someday
you'll get everything you deserve and your dreams will come true."
Her reply was simply "That's not what I do it for.  I don't want nothing,
I just like to help people.  If you wanna give me somethin', give me a hug
and be my friend." I'm standing here overwhelmed with such pride for my sister.
The battles she conquered is inspiring.  Her whole life is inspiring.  Everything she
lived for and by.  "You never expected anything in return for your good
deeds.  By that you were granted your "Little House on The Prairie" dream.
I told you you would.  So today we are here to honor you and celebrate YOUR
DAY.  This is your day Sissy.  I am so proud of you because today
Sissy......"You get your wings"

Written by Trissie's sister
Wendy Tipi


Because I love you, you can keep the diamond.


Poem written by their Mother Carolyn Bethea the thoughts of Trissie's sister Christy

Memory Box

I visited a place today, a very special place where you abide. I call it my memory box and I keep it tucked deep inside.

I open it so gently, not knowing what I will see. For buried deep inside are memories of you and me. Memories of your gentle touch, and your smile I always see. Oh, there’s so many memories, memories of you and me.

I gently sort thru each one and whisper “I LOVE YOU.’ Then I place you back in the box---the memory box of me and you.

I tuck it back within my heart where no one else can find and wipe the tears and put on a smile so everyone will think that I am fine. I visit you everyday, sometimes two or three, in that memory box---the memory box of you and me.

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