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I would like the parents of the children that are on this site now,
if you would like to remove your child
from this site please email me and it will be taken care of.

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You never have to walk alone!

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A Caring Friends website offers understanding
to bereaved parents.  This websites purposes is to give parents a place for their child.

We can design a Memorial web page free of charge.
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We here at TCF support our troops and thank them
for putting their life on the line to keep our families safe from harm.
Below is a link for the families who had to stay behind.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly has long symbolized a renewal of life.

The caterpillar signifies life here on earth; the cocoon signifies death; and the butterfly signifies the emergence of the dead into a new, beautiful and more free existence.

Frequently, the butterfly is seen with the word "Nika", which means victory, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross movingly tells of seeing butterflies drawn all over the walls of the children's dormitories in world war II concentration camps.

Since children are intuitive, she concludes that these children knew their fate and were leaving a message.

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Our web site  provides suggested reading, online resources,   to help you in your grieving process. Remember You Need Not Walk  Alone. 

If you would like to add your child or sibling to Children's,
"Sibling's" or "Friends" page click on "add my child" and fill out our on-line form. The Web Master will contact you for more information. There is no charge to add a page for your child. You can visit

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